Increase your creativity – Ayahuasca Retreat Weekend

Do you want to increase your creative energy to materialize your dreams and projects? Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself?
This is a Ritual of connection with yourself that will allow you to flow with life and with the learning that comes to you from love.

“Activate your power and your creative energy”

This is a conscious and loving encounter with yourself, with your body, with your lineage and your ancestral wisdom, to heal, balance, activate and mobilize energies and creatives, and thus unify our centers and the heart.

The objective: Connect with the earth and with the elements and the present through rituals, understandings, meditative exercises, body movement and group activations.


  • Meditation
  • Intention setting
  • Rapé ceremony
  • Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Breakfast
  • Integration circle

Facilitator Sanson: Yogi, enthusiast of entheogens, founder of la Sociedad Psicodélica and La Mezquita. 8-year experience guiding ceremonies. Ethnobotanic gardener and facilitator of medicinal music.

Planeta Libre –  will accompany the ceremony with live piano music.

  • Dates: Friday, February 11 -13, 2022
  • Hours: From 20: 00h
  • Place: El Campello
  • Address: La Mezquita, Calle Sorolla 14, Campello 03560
  • Limited places, reservation in advance is essential
  • Price of the ceremony: 120€
  • Full weekend: 420€ (2 nights of accomodation, meals and ceremony)