If you are interested in joining a psychedelic retreat, you can do so through our befriended entity La Mezquita

La Mezquita retreats are carefully planned to allow participants to explore the depths of their consciousness and allow deep healing in order to move towards a new beginning: a new life.

We try to ensure that the size of the group (which is not usually more than 8 people) which allows to create an intimate space and that everyone feels comfortable both among the participants of the retreat and with the facilitators of the service.

These are the retreats for the coming season 2022!

Introduction to psychedelics: psilocybin and San Pedro.

Increase your creativity – Ayahuasca Retreat Weekend 

Plants from the Andes: San Pedro and Ayahuasca

Free the body to free the psyche: breathwork and empathogens

Microdosing and mindfulness