5 Day Psilocybin and San Pedro Retreat

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  • 2 psychedelic ceremonies, plus an introduction and intake of microdosing.
  • Intimate group. Max 10 participants.
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio.
  • 24 facilitator support.
  • Body- and breath- work (ex., yoga, singing, walking).
  • Conscious eating Vegan/Vegetarian food: Prepared by
  • Luxury accommodation in Finca Pies Planos.
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi and pool.
  • 1:1 sessions with an experienced psychedelic therapist.
  • Life Transformational experience

La Mezquita is a psychedelic retreat centre nurtured by its community of specialised and cultivated handpicked facilitators, we have the purpose of delivering authentic, nurturing, safe and comfortable psychedelic experiences. We work with, and share many types of medicinal plants and wellness practices starting from healthy diets and sleep; to yoga, meditation, breathwork, and Latin and North American indigenous knowledge and rituals to deliver our purpose. Our intention is to provide you with the opportunity, space, and tools to unlock hidden memories and work with them in a loving state. The goal of La Mezquita is for our guests to connect with their innate self or True Nature, and face from a place of love and relaxation the highest challenges of humanity; fear, ego, and illusion of ways of living.

Therefore, We invite you to our next fully immersive 5 day transformative psychedelic retreat taking place in the mountains of Alicante Spain. We provide an intimate, safe and caring space for you to explore yourself and feel alive, to dissolve ego, to experience clarity, deep meaning and peace so you can FEEL and DEFINE your next steps, and stay deep connected with your innate wisdom.


Microdosing Experience and Preparation Day
We will start with an opening circle and sharing our intentions. We will microdose Psilocybin to prepare you for the Psilocybin experience the following day. We will teach you how to microdose at home as well. Emotional connection exercises will create a safe space within the group. We will also teach how to let yourself fully receive, how to connect to your inner child and give more important advise on how to navigate the stronger dose the following day.

1st Psilocybin Ceremony
Our first Psilocybin Ceremony is about diving into our pain and facing of our fears, worries and patterns of behaviour we want to shed. We will discover that underneath layers of pain and fears we find an inner child who needs our attention, support and care and we will create space to meet this child’s previously unmet needs

Integration Day
Using tools such as Parts-Work and Sharing Circles and more we will help you to integrate the insights gained from our Psilocybin experiences of the past two days into your daily lives.

2nd Psychedelic Ceremony
This San Pedro and Psilocybin Ceremony is about meeting deep healing. What do you need to create a healthy relationship with yourself and how can you trust connection to others?

Integration Day
We use the tools that we have been learning this whole week to go deep to understand how we can integrate. We will build you an individual action plan to go forward and change your life one small step at a time. We will make a protocol for integration that can allow you to make deep ad long lasting change.

Recommendations for antidepressant medication:
Any type of antidepressant or pharmaceutical medicine for pain, anxiety, or any other mental health problem are best to be avoided.
If you are taking SSRI (except fluoxetine), SPARI, SNRI, TCA or MAOI medication for depression this can considerably lessen the effects of the psychedelic experience. Depending on how long you have been taking these types of medicines you may need at least 21 days to detox from them for long term use, and a very minimum of 15 days for shorter term use. If you are taking fluoxetine (Prozac) you may need to taper and discontinue the consumption at least 6 weeks prior to the psychedelic experience.

In our experience attendees that have not rested from this medication can have less noticeable effects of psychedelics. Please consult with your doctor if you need to stop taking prescribed medication. We always encourage you to listen to your doctor or your mental health advisor, and ask for their best advice on how to taper down antidepressant medication. If you are taking any other kind of psychiatric medication, please consult your doctor beforehand.
Please, keep in mind that unfortunately, for safety reasons we cannot welcome you to the retreat if:
1) You have been diagnosed with an emotionally unstable (borderline) personality disorder.
2) You have an immediate personal or family history of psychosis (drug-induced psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolarity), and/or are taking antipsychotic medication.

For this reason we have a screening questionnaire and interview to get to know your motives, experience and most importantly your current state of mental and physical health.

Intoxicants and stimulants should be avoided, or at least significantly reduced. This includes: alcohol, drugs, stimulants…

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