Goals and objectives

The Spanish Psychedelic Society has already been registered in the Registro Nacional de Asociaciones: Section 1ª with number 622823. You can see our goals below:

You can also download our statutes (in Spanish) here.

Fighting for a fair drug regulation, which considers all scientific studies regarding addictions, risk reduction and therapeutic uses of substances, as well as the impact that current drug policy has on the consumer and society. Taking this information into account, one goal of the Society is to promote the decriminalization of psychedelic substances, the destigmatization of their users and a responsible and compassionate use for the benefit of consumers and society as a whole. 

Finding one or more suitable meeting points in which a group of society, made up of people with full capacity to act, partners and people related to the purposes of the Society can meet, investigate, interact and disseminate information and knowledge about ethnobotanical plants, mycology, substances that alter consciousness, altered states of mind, alternative and holistic therapies (yoga, mindfulness, meditation, personal growth), or any other spiritual growth activities.

Promoting information and research mechanisms on all issues related to psychoactive plants, ethnobotanical plants, mycology and alternative and holistic therapies from a historical, scientific, social, environmental, cultural, medicinal, therapeutic, legal or any other perspective of interest to the associates. The objective being to obtain and spread information with the highest degree of rigor possible.

The Spanish Psychedelic Society understands that its members are consumers, but in no case the promotion, encourage or facilitation of the consumption of cannabis sativa or other toxic drugs, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances constitutes the object or purpose of this association. It is by no means an aim of this society to supply its members with substances as cannabis associations frequently known as Cannabis Social Clubs do. On the contrary, it does constitute the goal of this association to inform and educate the associates about the prohibition established by the penal code in the article 368. The consumption of substances during events organized by the Psychedelic Society is the responsibility of the consuming entity and never of the society.

Disseminating knowledge, experiences, practices and promotion of scientific research in the field of mindfulness and compassion, yoga and other alternative therapies (essential oils, sound therapies or any activities of interest), as well as its application in the various areas of society: health care, clinical psychology, social services, education… Disseminating and promoting the potential of natural medicine and altered states of consciousness in all its facets, to put it at the service of the well-being of people.

To inform about the responsible consumption of substances and protect its members and the general public by carrying out programs to prevent risks and harm related to consumption.