Legal Advice

If you’re a business starting up in the psychedelic field, or if you want to start up a psychedelic business and need professional experience on what to do and how not to break the law, speak to us for professional and legal advice. We have helped many Ayahuasca retreat centres, Cannabis clubs and online sellers develop their psychedelic business. The Spanish Psychedelic Society can help you with:

  • Psychedelic Business startups
  • Coffee shops, Grow shops and Associations
  • Creation of Physical Entities Limited Companies (SL), Companies, Religions and Associations, Research Clinics

If you would to be part of the psychedelic society movement, we can offer you all the documentation you’ll need to start either a regional psychedelic society or a small association of psychedelic consumers. Please get in contact if you would like more information on how to do this.