Integration service

The process of integration is an essential part of the psychedelic experience.

After a psychedelic trip, information that is difficult to process or understand may have been revealed and you may need to implement some practices to help you with this process.

If you find yourself here and you want a personalized session to shed some light to the aspects that have appeared in a psychedelic trip, you can carry out an integration session with the Psychedelic Society where we will offer you different tools rescue the realizations from the experience and bring them into your daily life.

A typical integration session consists of:

Opening of space and meditation to get in touch with your own sensations. In this first contact, the participant expresses all their doubts or needs so that the process adapts to what their needs and expectations at all times. We also establish the tools that we will use for the integration process.

No-mind exercises. The tools can be very varied: they can include body work, artistic creation exercises, automatic writing …

Discourse. Finally, the psychedelic experience is put into words and set out based on the challenges or learnings that have arisen. Some people navigate their experience by recalling their visions, others analyze the thoughts, patterns or emotions they have noticed …

Whether you already have your personal integration practices or want to explore new alternatives, we are at here for you.


One to one:

1 hour – 35 EUROS

1.5 hours – 50 EUROS

Group session: 5 people – 1h30 – 15 EUROS per person