Talks, Conferences and Consulting

Come to one of our events where you can participate in, and learn more about the psychedelic experience

Throughout the history of The Psychedelic Society, we have had a number of events, conferences and talks where we’ve been revealing the latest discoveries and studies on psychedelic medicines, their development and therapeutic uses – keeping our interested members up to date on events happening globally within the psychedelic community.

We have a broad range of specialists working as volunteers for us, such as experts in neuroscience, psychopharmacology, psychedelic therapists, shamans, experts in drug use/harm reduction and more.
If you are planning an event and would like one of our experts to participate as a speaker, hold a conference or if you wish to reach a broader audience within the psychedelic community, follow this link to get in contact us.

If you wanna find out more about the psychedelic experience and/or are thinking about having your own, here are a few resources to help you best prepare and reap the benefits of your journey with sacred plant medicine: